2015 Exhibition Schedule
 March 20th (Fri) ~ May 10th (Sun), 2015
60th Anniversary of San’in Broadcasting
Yasunari Kawabata and Kaii Higashiyama
– Masters Who Loved the World of Beauty –
This exhibition introduces the world of beauty that was loved by literary master Yasunari Kawabata (1899-1972) with works including Taiga Ikeno and Buson Yosa’s Jūben-Jūgi-Zu, and Gyokudō Urakami’s Tōunshisetsu-Zu, both of which are recognized as national treasures. The sense of beauty found within Kawabata’s literary works is a chance for us to get a closer understanding of the aesthetic sense of the time. Also, please enjoy the added works of Kaii Higashiyama (1908-1999), a Japanese painter who also engaged in exchange with Kawabata.
 May 20th (Wed)~ July 6th (Mon), 2015
The Maneki-neko-tei Collection
Covered in Cats
Shimane Art Museum is full of cats! The charm, beauty, nobility and mystique of cats have continued to fascinate artists from all times and places. This exhibition includes cats depicted by artists, ukiyo-e paintings by artists including Kuniyoshi Utagawa, as well as cats drawn by masters of modern art such as Tsuguharu Fujita and Yumeji Takehisa, with a total of 330 diverse works.
 July 29th (Wed)~ September 10th (Thur), 2015
Atelier Mourlot and 20th Century Lithography in Paris
Paris’ Atelier Mourlot is known as the world famous lithograph studio. Works from Picasso and Matisse as well as works from masters of 20th century modern art such as Chagall, Miró, and Léger have been gathered together, and through a collaboration with lithographic artisans a large number of masterpieces have been born. This exhibition looks back on that bountiful history and the beautiful creations of those times.
 September 18th (Fri)~ November 3rd (Tues/Holiday), 2015
Ito Jakuchu and the Fine Arts of Kyoto
– Masterpieces of the Hosomi Collecion
With a focus on the works of Ito Jakuchu (15 pieces of works), this exhibit also includes the works, that depict the great individualities of the painters of Kyoto, such as Maruyama Okyo, Ikeno Taiga, and Kamisaka Sekka. The exhibit features approximately 100 antiques which are the pride of Hosomi museum located in Kyoto, such as the glamourous genre picture of the early modern period, and even the craftwork of the tools featured in “Tea Ceremony”. It is a great opportunity to be introduced to the aesthetic sense of beauty of Kyoto, which gave birth to Jakuchu, and that is interweaved with traditions and innovations.
 November 14th (Sat) ~ November 22nd (Sun), 2015
The 48th
Shimane Prefectural Citizen's Cultural Festival
- General Art Exhibition (KENTEN)
This exhibit features winners and chosen works from the art exhibitions that were displayed in the Shimane Prefecture Citizen’s Cultural Festival.
 December 2nd (Wed)~ December 23rd (Wed/Holiday), 2015
The 62nd Japan Traditional Kōgei Exhibition
An exhibition of stringently selected pieces from seven fields of traditional Japanese craft: ceramics, textiles, urushi work, metalwork, woodwork & bamboo work, dolls and other work. From the works of Living National Treasures to prize-winning pieces as well as art created by local artists living in San-in District, this exhibition will display approximately 300 art and craft pieces that demonstrate the highest-level of artistic skill and creativity.
 January 2nd (Sat) ~ February 15th (Mon) , 2016
Tales of Shimane’s Artists
– A Collection of Works by Shimane’s Artists of
 both the Early and Late Modern Periods
With a focus on the Shimane Prefecture Art Museum’s collection, this exhibition will display paintings of both the early and late modern periods that were cultivated in Shimane. Please take a look at the efforts and creations of the artists who have a variety of connections with Shimane, such as the appointed artists of the daimyou, artists who were visitors to Shimane, and artists who belong to the late modern period.

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